Stainless ASME part prepared for shipment
Heavy Welding

We pride ourselves in heavy welding.  Our many Submerged Arc machines have operators with years of experience in producing X Ray quality welding.  We have more than 40 additional welding machines with procedures to handle flux core, MIG, and TIG. We have orbital welding equipment as well.

Split hopper can test even the best layout equipment
CNC Burning

With two Computer Controlled Hi-Definition burning machines we are capable of cutting up to 1-1/2″ thick plate on a 10′ x 40′ water table.  This equipment provides in-house efficiencies to create and replicate our parts directly from the 3-D model.

Sample of what the CNC driven Python machine can produce
Computer Controlled Beam Processing

Our Python X beam processor is capable of cutting large beams up to 36″ x 300#.  This equipment uses the Numeric Controlled code to cut, cope, mark and burn holes.  This process efficiently eliminates several fabrication steps and is driven by NC Code from Teckla, SDS2 or Advanced Steel modeling software

Tank is painted and has handrail all ready to go
Complex Industrial Painting

Our enclosed blast building is 26′ wide x 26′ high and 70′ long.  This system uses reclaimable grit/ shot mix to maintain proper profile for painting demands.  Our robust paint / assembly building is 85′ x 250′.  We have qualified our paint process by AISC Complex coatings certificate, and are capable of very complicated tank coatings. This includes zinc, epoxy and urethane systems which most industrial customers require.

Cal Portland Cement replacement part from earlier job
Wide / Long Transportation

 Our Trucking department has over 35 years of experience managing oversize loads in the western United States and Canada.  With the high cranes in our shop, we find that many customers take advantage of the benefit of spending less money in the shop and reducing the field install costs.  This also creates a reduced delivery time as well as improving site safety.

View showing how we process pipe in south bay
Huge Fabrication Space and Cranes

The fabrication space boasts over 100,000 SF under crane.  All work areas are covered using overhead bridge cranes capable of moving up to 45 tons in our heavy bay.  Individual jib cranes span individual work areas to improve safety and efficiently manage the work load.  Our largest of three forming rolls is capable of rolling 1-1/8″ x 12′ wide plate. Our fixtures and rolling machinery are well accustomed to handing up to 16′ diameter pipe or stack sections.

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